How does Onyx compare to other products?

Is Onyx a secret product?

It’s by invitation only, but it’s not secret. When we started to develop Onyx as a premium data service, we didn’t want a bunch of people offering opinions about it who don’t have a strong understanding of prospecting. Our solution to it was just to invite current customers who have a lot of experience prospecting into the Onyx platform.

What do you have to do to be able to subscribe to Onyx?

You need to have prospecting experience to qualify for Onyx. It is the best data solution out there for working expireds and we really want people who have experience prospecting consistently because they appreciate and recognize the difference in data quality.

Does REDX mine its own data?

Yes, REDX is unique in the sense that we are our own data provider. We definitely buy data from other sources, but we also aggregate our own data, and that makes us unique and sets us apart from other lead providers.

What service is recommended for new agents?

We love our standard service and we recommend that service for new agents.

Will your service go back in time and grab leads from over a year ago?

Yes, our system allows you to go put data into the platform and look up information as far back as you want while other leads services don’t allow that as part of the normal service. If you’re a current subscriber, our support team can walk you through doing exports from your past expired data in your MLS and perform the lookups in our platform.

Are services month-to-month or annual agreements?

You can choose a month-to-month agreement or an annual agreement. We offer discounts for longer contracts as well.

Is there customer service support?

Yes, we have live customer support. You can call during business hours and talk to a real person if you need help with anything about our platform.

Are email addresses included with Onyx?

Yes! Onyx has emails with the leads.

Why use your dialer?

We built a dialer for two reasons: we want to provide a solution that is completely integrated in our platform so agents can take complete advantage of our organization tools in our lead management platform; and we think there are ways a providing a better dialer for agents. For example, some platforms have connection that don’t allow you to hear the person answer with, “Hello?”. Our dialer has better connections and allows you to hear the person answer the phone. Our dialer continues to improve and we think it is the best option in the market.

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