The Onyx package includes lead sources, a dialer, and cloud-based lead management platform.




Data that once took hours to research manually will be done for you in seconds every morning. ONYX provides you with the industry’s premier expired listing dataset that includes cell numbers, work lines, VOIP numbers, and email addresses to give you the best chance of reaching the right person.



For-Sale-By-Owners (FSBO) are a consistent source of business for top-producing agents. Receive fresh FSBOs every morning, compiled from thousands of classified sources, websites, and databases around the country. Each lead is scrubbed through sophisticated filtering processes to make sure you get only the highest quality leads.



Prospecting is a numbers game and Storm Dialer is the cheat code. With Storm you can make 60-80 calls hour, doubling if not tripling your conversations. While other agents are dialing by hand, Storm allows you to glide from call to call, skipping disconnected numbers and leaving pre-recorded messages with just a click.

Lead Manager


Good agents follow up. Vortex helps make sure leads don’t slip through the cracks by letting you log notes from conversations, create callbacks, and set email reminders. Using its comprehensive filters and folder functions, you can sort and prioritize your leads just how you want them. Vortex also preloads scripts and objection-handler trainings to make sure you have the messaging you need to make every conversation count.

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