data philosophy

REDX is proud of the fact that its standard expired service, priced at $59.99 per month, is favorably compared and competes against other services which is priced 317% higher at $249.99 per month. Most people wouldn’t compare a $30,000 sedan against a $95,000 sedan and expect the lower cost vehicle to outperform the supposed luxury sedan.

Other services focus on minimizing the number of bad numbers, while REDX focuses on maximizing the total number of good contacts. If there are 500 expireds in your market each month, other services may only give you data for 110-150 of those, filtering out any leads they can’t confidently locate. That gives you an opportunity to work approximately 38% of those 150 leads (57 contacts). REDX’s focus has always been on maximizing the total opportunity. So we provide accurate data on 26% (using our standard service) of those 500 leads (130 contacts), but there are more erroneous phone numbers by comparison. The top producers that helped inspire REDX’s focused never cared about calling extra numbers, because they understand the numbers game, and leverage dialer technologies to speed through their calls.

The biggest difference between services is REDX’s philosophy about what is important to the customer.

Keep in mind this is comparing our $60/month service against their $250/m service, but when you see the difference in contact rates, you can see why we received so many favorable reviews from people who actually prospect. But if you want to compare apples to apples, a $95,000 car against another $95,000 car, you have to look at our Onyx product. Onyx will deliver clients 44% of those same 500 leads, or 220 contacts compared against other services’ 57 contacts. Yes, you’ll have to call some extra numbers in the process, but do the math, it’s well worth it.